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29 August 2008 @ 09:19 pm
My Sundown (DiexShinya) Oneshot  

Title: My Sundown

Author: i_love_hide

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Rape

Pairing: DiexShinya

Disclaimers: They're sexing in my car... Hah, yeah right, I don't have them or even a car.

Comments: Alrighty, this took about...I don't know exactly. XD Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I will take this time to apologize to Die, because I do like him, I think he's a sweety, but y'know...maybe this'd work better with Kaoru the bearcat...^_^ Hah, okay. This is my first NC-17 ever, so please inform me of my suckage (no pun intended, I swear!) By the way <<my comments>> (not very many of them I promise!) Oh, Shinya's POV.



Practice had finally ended. I'm thankful, I really am tired of being around the band constantly. We have nothing in common, that I'd figured out a long time ago, and the only thing we ever do together is get drunk or when the rest of them make fun of me. Die is the worst about it. I'm not exactly sure why me, though. Because I'm thin? Because I am so different from them? Maybe because I don't like talking much, I don't know...It doesn't really matter I suppose.

"Shin-chan? You in there?" Kaoru jolted me out of my thoughts with a not-so-light tap on my head.

"Yeah, sorry," I smile, but it must have given me away. Toshiya plops himself down and throws his arm around me.

"Shinya, are you depressed?" he's quoted this really awful and cheesy deppresion commercial, and with a straight face. I smile at him, I know the drill.

"...I am Toshiya. How can you help?" I even clutch at my chest for added effect. Toshiya laughs.

"Yeah, he's fine," he gets up and I kind of miss the warmth of his arm around me. Toshiya's the nicest out of all of us, in my opinion, and the most beautiful. I'm jealous of hi sometimes. I want to be that nice, that pretty. Granted, my teeth are a lot, and I do mean a lot, better than his. <<sorry, Toshiya! But it is true. *bites lip>>

"Can we go now?! I so do not want to be stuck here with you asswipes all damn night! It's almost 11-fucking-30!" Kyo yells near the entrance.

"Yes, quit your bitching. Damn," says Die. "Hey Shinya, you coming with us?"

"Don't I kind of have to? You're my ride," this is why I hate having to rely on other people. You get stuck going anywhere said person wishes you to go.

Die smirks at me. "Ri-ght. Guess so." He'd forgotten me again. Fabulous.


I didn't plan on getting so drunk. But that was alright, it helped me to forget. Forget what? Well, a lot of things really. My loneliness, my ugliness, my anger, my depression (yeah, Toshiya, I wasn't just playing), my pain. A lot of things. So I promised myself I wouldn't think about any of those things tonight. Being falling-over drunk helps I suppose. But like I said, that wasn't my plan, but Die kept buying me more and telling me how rude it would be for him to have spent his money on me and I wouldn't even take it. It worked, though, I kept drinking.

I don't remember when the other guys left, guess I didn't really notice. "Die? We go home now? my words slurred, and I was exhausted. Plus it was late, really late.

"Already? Man you really are a pussy," he laughs at himself. I hate when he does this. He always does this, but I really don't feel like being angry. I just want to go to bed and sleep. So I pout, sometimes it works, my mostly incoherent brain informs me. And I guess it does because the next thing I know I'm being pulled outside. I wonder if it's really a good idea for Die, or myself for that matter, to drive and I wonder if we should call a taxi. But then again, I promised myself I wouldn't think tonight.

Die throws me into the back of his car and I briefly wonder why until he comes in after me. When he threw me in, though I hit my head on the opposite window and now the seatbelt is pressing painfully into my back. Die is all but laying on me now, struggling to shimmy up my body.

"What are you doing? Get off," I don't say it very forcefull though, I'm too tired. I guess he realizes something's wrong because now he's pulling me roughly into a sitting position. "I can move myself you know..." though I'm not sure I can. Die smiles at me.

"You'll see," I don't know what I'll see, but alright...Then his lips touch mine. They're warm and soft, but different than a girl's. I open my mouth to him and his tongue immediately goes into my own mouth, exploring, ravaging, the kiss is so forceful it's painful, bruising. And then I think, 'What the hell?'

"D-Die...w-wait, what're you doing?" I had to fight my head away from his. Instead of answering me he kisses me again, this time even more forceful than before. Hs hands are going for his belt. I'm confused before I realize what he's doing. I try to blink the cloudiness in my eyes away, to little avail. He pulls his length out of his pants and i wonder if he wasn't wearing underwear. He pull up so that his length is pressing against my mouth, "Die!" He takes the brief moment to stick himself in my mouth, and I can't think anything else but how starnge it feels.

He grabs me by my hair and forces my head down, so much that I choke on it. He doesn't care though. He controls everything now. He pulls his hips back in time with his hand which controls my head and thrusts at the same time pushing me forward. He moans loudly every time he thrusts into my mouth and I hope he's close because I really don't want anything to go farther than him fucking my mouth. I didn't even realize when he got hard.

Then he pulls all the way out of my mouth and my head slams against the window again. I whimper, I have a terrible headache already. His hands are now on my belt, struggling to get it undone. I try to slap his hands away, but he is much stronger than I am and he gets my pants, as well as my boxers, down. I'm glad that I didn't get hard somewhere along the way, ohterwise Die would only be encouraged farther.

"Die, stop it!" I just want to go home now, but Die is not content with only a forced blowjob. He positions himself at my entrance and I have the chance to briefly think 'there's supposed to be preparation somewhere, right?' before he rams himself into me. I scream out in pain and anger. I feel as if I've been torn in half, with only the tiniest bit of relief coming from my own spit on him.

The pain continues, he doesn't even wait for me to adjust, only pulls part way out and rams into me again. I scream some more. It hurts terribly and I keep telling him to stop it, but he doesn't. I feel it as he tears me inside, making me bleed. I doubt he notices, but I do. I'm crying by this time, but Die is getting too much enjoyment to care. His moans and cries are louder than my whimpering and crying, so even if I was lucky enough to have someone walk by, they wouldn't notice that I didn't want this.

It seems like this has gone on forever, though in reality probably only a few minutes, he comes in me. I can feel it mixing with my blood, leaking out of me. His breathing is labored and loud in my ear. I stay still, not thinking.

Finally he pulls out of me, making me realize how sore I am. I whimper. I can hear and feel the door open at my feet. Die crawls out, zipping his pants. He goes around to the driver's seat and starts the car. "Shinya, you okay or you gonna be a pussy about it?" he asks with a smirk, at least I'm guessing he's smirking, I refuse to look at him.

"Just take me home, Die," I croak in a small voice. the tears keep falling, but still I refuse to think.



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