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28 May 2009 @ 04:22 pm
Title: Candy Eyes
Band/Pairing: Uruha x Aki, Uruha x Aki x Aoi (Gazette and SID)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM (mild), DP, threesome, teasing, gay smex (duh), regularly scheduled perversion, yadda yadda.

Summary: Candy eyes and lilly-lips are too much for Aoi to be able to resist.
Notes: For </a></font></b></a>yukitakumi at vk_springsmut, my first three-some ever. Yay for being a pervert! XD Holy shiitake sauce. 5509 words and 9-10 pages. Dayumn. Comments be like peach cobbler with ice cream! ^__^

The smell of coffee and machinery filled the darkly lit studio. It was empty, save for a dark, somber figure at the computer, his guitar strung about his neck, working late into the night. His brow crinkled as his fingers flew over the strings, trying to get the right sequence of notes to sound from out of the darkness. His handsome face was screwed up in concentration, knowing he had to finish the song or he'd never be able to rest.

Meanwhile, outside the studio, two men were kissing passionately against the side of the brick wall. They were oblivious to the fact that the night air had chilled considerably or that someone may recognize them. The blond was the first to pull away, for need of air. The brunette looked up at his lover with smoldering eyes, resembling melted dark chocolate. The blond leaned down and licked the other man's bottom lip, running his warm tongue along the cold metal that pierced the pink skin. The brunette let out a soft, breathy moan at the sensation and whispered to his lover, 'come on,' inaudible to anyone not the other young man.

The blond smiled at him, the corners of his lilly-pink mouth twisting upward. He whispered back, just as low, 'not yet,' to which the other whined, a small sound, but a whine none the less. The night air was thin, and seemed it would break like glass from a small sound. The blond took the other's hand, his grasp warm and firm and pulled him inside the studio doors. It was much warmer in the studio, almost hot even. The couple walked down the maze of doors and hallways, in hopes of finding a certain other brunette. The blond paused his footsteps in front of one of the many doorways and listened to the sound coming out. He knew by the distinct chords being played that this was the one he was looking for. The man had been working on the same song for days. Another smile appeared on his face, the brunette behind him waiting impatiently. Opening the door, he peeked inside. Sure enough, there sat the guitarist, still frowning, concentrating. The blond rolled his eyes and walked over to the man who had headphones on, oblivious to the sounds and presences around him. He stood behind the dark haired man and brought his arms up and placed his hands over the man's eyes. The resulting jump made him stifle a laugh and he glanced at the other brunette still standing near the doorway, an amused smirk on his full lips.

"What the hell?" were the words that escaped the mouth of the temporarily blinded man. The blond smirked.

"C'mon, Aoi, you'll have to guess," he replied, his voice no more than a whisper, his full mouth next to the other's ear. He felt Aoi shiver at the sensation that coursed through him.

"Uruha?" he guessed and the blond smiled, uncovering the man's eyes. 

"Bingo," he replied, his mouth still near Aoi's ear. Once again, the man shivered at the feeling, making Uruha smirk. Aoi turned around in the chair so he was facing Uruha, looking him over, wondering what this was about.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, his face looking pained and had a tinge of longing etched into it for reasons Uruha couldn't name. He wanted to kiss that pain away, though and make it turn into one of happiness.

"Aki and I came to give you a break," he said with a suggestive gleam in his eye, gesturing to the smaller brunette in the doorway. Aoi's eyes widened and he turned his head to look at the direction Uruha pointed. Aki raised a hand in a sort of wave, looking like he felt out of place. Uruha beckoned him to come over to where they were. The smaller man complied and walked over to where Aoi sat, giving him a half-smirk. Aoi's eyes had followed Aki's form to where he now stood, his eyes then darting back to Uruha, a questioning look on his face.

"Mmhmm...well...I really need to get this song done," Aoi said to which Uruha rolled his eyes.

"You've been working on that song for days now. Why don't you come hang out with Aki and I?" the blond asked tilting his head to the side so it rested gingerly on Aoi's shoulder. Aoi glanced at Aki, who shot him a mischievous grin. He was bad at playing innocent, it just wasn't his style. If he wanted to fuck you, you knew it, his face betrayed all emotion. Uruha, on the other hand, was a master at concealing whatever it was he was feeling or thinking. He manipulated his features just so you would believe everything he said.

Aoi bit his lip. Of course he wanted to take a break from work, but he also just wanted to get the song done. It was taking over his soul, to the point where it was the only thing his mind could concentrate on. This was another thing he hated about composing new songs, it danced just on the edge of your mind and spirit, so that it wouldn't, no couldn't be forgotten. "I can't rest until it's done, you know that," he finally replied to which Uruha let out an exasperated breath.

"Dammit, Aoi," he said, his words sounding venomous, but his voice was like honey, "please? Just for an hour and then you can come back to the damn studio," he looked up at him with his sweet, honey eyes. They held look of persuasion as well as a hint of something more dangerous. That hint of something made Aoi uneasy.

He searched his mind for an excuse, something to get away from those honey eyes and lilly lips. Blinking a few times, he looked back up at Aki, who had now trained his eyes upon the floor. Aoi noted how terribly quiet he'd been, something that was usually not so. "I don't usually hang out with couples...too many things I either don't get, or don't wanna know," he answered.

"Oh, come on! Fine, we promise, no relationship talk, and no inside jokes. Please?" Uruha gave his best pout, still gazing at Aoi with candy eyes. Aki watched the interaction with an amused smile. They were so cute together; sometimes he didn't feel like he was the one Uruha really wanted, like the blond had just settled for him. Then there would be times when Uruha would hold him close and kiss him, telling him how much he loved him. Those were the times when Aki was happiest.

His attention was returned to the pair in front of him when Aoi made a noise, a mix between a groan and a sigh.

"Fine...but one couple-like thing and I'm gone," he warned. Uruha smiled at Aki, in an I-told-you-so type of way. Which was true, Uruha did always seem to get his way. Aki wasn't sure if it was his persuasion, his beauty, his pout, or a mix of all three. Uruha got up from where he'd been kneeling on the floor and waited patiently for Aoi to unravel himself from his work. The guitarist had look of defeat written on his features, but he removed the guitar and set it gingerly in its case, which rested by the desk he was sitting at. With a few clicks of the keyboard, the computer shut down and Aoi stood up from the chair. The computer had been the only source of dim light, and now that the screen went black, Aki could barely see what was in front of him. He wondered if the other two were having the same problem, but remained quiet about it.

Uruha put his hand out to feel if he was going to bump into something and came into contact with a warm hand. He squeezed it gently, not sure who it was. He ran his hand along the knuckles and smiled. Aki. He knew those hands almost as well as his own. Releasing the hand, he walked toward the door, wondering why Aoi worked in such darkness.


At Uruha's apartment, Aoi and Aki relaxed on the couch while the blond went to the kitchen to grab some drinks. Aoi sighed as he stretched, his muscles were sore and tense from having been in the studio for so long. Aki watched him quietly out of the corner of his eye. Uruha returned and set the bottles down in front of the two men on the couch before taking a drink from the bottle he held in his hand. Aki watched as Uruha's adam's apple bobbed when he swallowed, wanting to suck on his graceful neck, but quickly looked elsewhere to distract his mind from the other man. The blond sauntered over to the couch and sat down on the other side of Aoi, he grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels until he landed on a music show where some pop band was on. Aoi made a face, but didn't say anything.

A few drinks later, Aoi's head felt a familiar buzzing sensation. He wondered if Uruha had given him something really strong or if he was just feeling weak. It wasn't enough to get him drunk enough to do stupid things, but just enough so he was more relaxed. He stretched his arms over his head and looked at the time. It had been more than an hour already. Settling his dark ebony eyes on Uruha, whose own eyes were on the TV. At the feeling of someone watching him, though, he turned his head and looked back at Aoi, giving him a small smile. His eyes flashed over to Aki and he raised an eyebrow at him. Aoi wasn't sure what the response was, of course, as his eyes still remained on the guitarist, but he gave a smirk at whatever the answer had been. He frowned.

Thoughts were interrupted, though, when Aki leaned forward and took the lobe of Aoi's ear into his mouth, sucking on it gently. The brunette guitarist gasped at the feeling and involuntarily his head tilted sideways to give Aki better access. Uruha remained where he was, watching the two. They were beautiful together, he noticed. Their hair like strands of black silk entwined their skin smooth and delightful. It was satisfying to watch them.

Suddenly Aoi's eyes widened and he sat up, pulling away from Aki. The other brunette gave him a confused look. "I, uh...really need to go now," Aoi said, trying to find a way to get away from the situation. The blond rolled his eyes at him and leaned forward, so his face was just inches from Aoi's own. His full mouth was so close that the guitarist would have felt the slightest movement of those lips. A shiver ran down his spine as he stared into Uruha's lust-darkened eyes. Anyone wanted the beautiful man before him, and here he was offering himself to Aoi. He wanted to take that offer, those sultry eyes boring holes into his soul and his pouty mouth making him hungry for more.

Uruha finally gave in and closed the small distance between their mouths. The brunette guitarist was overwhelmed by the action and sensation of those sensual lips on his own. Though his better instinct told him to leave, his body wasn't about to let that happen. Pressing his lips against the blonde’s, he returned the kiss. A small smile was felt in the kiss, and those full lips parted against the brunette's. The opportunity was seized and their tongues danced in an erotic dance.

The bassist watched them with a longing in his eyes. He couldn't help but feel possessive over Uruha. Even though he knew that his lover was a source of pleasure and want for many, few had him to do as they wanted. That was Aki's to have. He was the only one who was supposed to be with the lovely blond. But he had agreed to this, so he pushed his jealous thoughts aside and licked Aoi's neck, drawing a gasp from him. The kiss didn't break, though and Aki continued to suck on the sensitive flesh. His lip piercing made the sensation strange, but more arousing somehow. Aoi could feel his pants tightening and cursed internally. He couldn't say no to either of these men, their actions and beauty was too alluring for him to deny. They had a hold on him; he'd sensed that as soon as they were alone together.

He knew it was wrong, but Aoi wanted more from the men. He didn't want to go back and work on that damned song, his mind was filled with want and desire. The kiss was turning out to be not enough. He wanted more, as much of either of them as he could possibly get. Running one of his hands along the hem of Uruha's shirt, he lifted it slightly, gesturing that he wanted it off, but also asking permission from him.

Uruha smiled at the gesture. So it didn't look like Aoi was going to leave after all. This pleased him and he pulled away from the kiss. Glancing at what his lover was doing, he smiled. He got off of the couch and watched as Aki nipped at the sensitive skin, making Aoi growl low in his throat. His body reacted to that noise, making him want to emit more of those deliciously raunchy sounds from him. "Bedroom," he said his voice low and quiet. Just by that one word, Aki pulled away from the milky neck and got off of the couch, grasping Aoi's hand and leading him to the bedroom. Aoi looked overwhelmed by it all, Uruha noticed and he smiled at the possibilities that lay before him.

Aki pushed Aoi onto the bed after they entered the dimly lit room. Even he wasn't sure exactly what Uruha was planning, just as he never seemed to, but of course, he trusted his lover. Aoi, too had no idea what was going to happen, and that same possibilty excited and annoyed him at the same time. It also made him wonder how he got into this mess, but figured it would be worth it.

Uruha entered the room and gazed at the two brunettes with adoration. They were beautiful, and all his, at least for tonight. He walked over and whispered something into Aki's ear, to which he nodded. Aoi frowned, but said nothing. Aki got onto the bed with him and straddled his hips. Slowly, he moved his hips against Aoi's own, drawing a moan from parted lips. Uruha watched again, seeming to be doing a lot of that lately. It was fascinating for him, though, he loved to watch as events played out. Seeing people's reactions was one of the many enjoyments of these types of situations.

The movement of hips became faster and more urgent. Both men were moaning at the sensation flooding their bodies. Aoi looked at Aki, with his head thrown back and full mouth parted in a look of pleasure. He imagined he had a similar expression on his own face. Behind Aki's form, he saw Uruha. He had his full bottom lip between his teeth and observed them. As he saw Aoi looking, he quit biting his lip and smiled devilishly.

Uruha lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor. He walked over to the bed and crawled on, going behind Aki and whispering something else in his ear, making him stop the movements of his hips, pulling a disappointed whine from Aoi, to which the blond smirked. Aki got up and walked over to their dresser. Aoi's thoughts of wondering what the brunette was doing were interrupted by Uruha kissing him once again. Aoi wrapped his arms around Uruha's neck and pulled him closer. The other's lips were like a drug, he couldn't get enough of their addicting sweetness. Uruha lifted up the guitarist's shirt and ran his hands along the soft skin presented to him. He broke the contact of their lips and pulled the shirt up. Aoi raised off of the bed lifted his arms so his shirt could be removed.

Aki walked back to the bed and set some things down on it, but Aoi's ability to see what the items was blocked by Uruha, who turned and sat next to Aoi. "Strip for us, baby," Uruha said, his voice deep and commanding. The tone sent a shiver through Aki's body, but he nodded and walked away from the bed, to the center of the room, in their line of vision. He swayed his hips and lifted his shirt, exposing a small bit of skin. Aoi watched as he danced and teased with growing arousal. The other man's movements were so sensual and liquid. Finally the shirt came off and he tossed it onto the floor, along with Uruha's.

He unbuttoned his pants and moved his hips in a sensually graceful manner. Slowly, he unzipped them and danced around, turning his back to them. Sliding the material over his hips, he moved excrutiatingly slowly and slid the denim down his legs the rest of the way, stepping out of them. Uruha smiled when he was finished and beckoned him over to the bed. Aoi let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding and felt a strong urge to take Aki then. The blond guitarist kissed his lover slowly, giving Aoi a full view of what was occurring. His heartbeat was rapid and his breathing was heavy. They were almost too beautiful and perfect together, he thought as he watched their tongues dance in a sweet and loving way before the blond pulled away and went to where the items Aki had set down. He picked up something Aoi couldn't make out, and turned, hiding whatever it was behind his back.

Aki crawled over to Aoi and undid his pants suddenly, making Aoi gasp. He pulled the material down his slim hips, off him and onto the floor. The unknown was making him antsy, and he planned on asking about it when Uruha came up behind him. He'd been too preoccupied with Aki to notice where Uruha had gone off to. A whisper in his ear informed him to get on his knees, which he did without question. He trusted the other man, he wasn’t sure why of course, but he did. It could have been the fact that they were in a band together, you got to know people pretty well that way, after all. Sometimes you ended up knowing things you honestly didn’t want to.

When he was on his knees, Uruha wrapped his arms around the slim, brunette man, running his hands up his smooth chest. Lips grazed the smooth, graceful neck before him, making Aoi moan lightly. The arms ran to his arms and he pulled them behind Aoi's back, still distracting him with kisses. He crossed Aoi's wrists behind his back and picked up the handcuffs that lay on the bed, hooking them over the slim wrists and closing them with a satisfactory click.

Realizing he'd been handcuffed, his eyes widened and he gave Uruha a shocked, questioning look, pulling away from his angelic mouth. The said mouth curled into a smirk, but that was the only response he received. The knowledge that he was restrained made him nervous, he wasn't able tomove freely now, but it also added more arousal. His eyes drifted to where Aki was, to find that he too was on his knees in front of him. The dark-haired bassist gave Aoi a small, mysterious smile and looked back at Uruha, who still stood behind Aoi.

The angel behind him gave a nudge to move more toward the center of the bed, and he did, with apparent difficulty, but he was glad he didn't fall over, that would be humiliating. For some strange reason, he found no desire to question the acts of the two men surrounding him. His heart was full of trust, even though his mind was raging with questions, demanding answers he knew he wouldn't receive.

Aki watched as Aoi behaved as obediently as a puppy, waiting for demands so he would get a treat. It made him want to laugh, as well as cry. He pitied the fact that Aoi was kept clueless about it all, but it made the bond between he and his lover stronger, which is what made him fascinated with the whole thing. Aoi's dark, piercing eyes fell upon him and he quickly looked at Uruha.

It made him feel inferior that he looked to Uruha for everything, making it very clear who was dominant in their relationship, which embarrassed him a bit. His lover smiled and got onto the bed, crawling behind Aoi. The brunette guitarist's head turned to look at Uruha, questions burning in his eyes to which the blond kissed him gently on the mouth.

Aki knew that those kisses could make you forget what you were doing, sometimes even who you were. His lover had a heavenly mouth, and it could convince you of absolutely anything. That mouth was now kissing along Aoi's neck and Aki smiled, crawling onto the bed and getting in front of Aoi. Leaning forward, he kissed Aoi's mouth where Uruha's had been only moments before. The dark-haired man returned the kiss with vigor, his mouth informing Aki that he was horny and he wanted things to go further. There was a distinct neediness in his mouth the bassist knew all too well.

Leaning across Aoi to Uruha, he whispered in his ear, the answer to which was a small nod of agreement. Aoi's erection was becoming painful, the feel of sweet lips on his skin continued to torture him and he found he just wanted relief.

The bassist bent down and licked at the tip of Aoi's length kittenishly. The dark-haired guitarist gasped at the feeling of the cool metal of his tongue piercing against his overly hot erection. He wanted to run his fingers through the dark hair in front of him, but knew he couldn't. He moved his arms anway, it was just a natural habit to try and move. Uruha's icy finger trailed his spine, making him bite his lip.

The full, pierced mouth took in the head of Aoi's length, sucking on it lightly. Aoi moaned softly at the feeling, relieved to finally be getting some contact. Aki took the length into his mouth slowly, teasing Aoi with the possibility of more, but not giving it to him.

As he took the other man's erection into his mouth, Uruha left his position behind Aoi to grab the other things that Aki had gotten earlier. Moving back to where Aoi knelt, his head thrown back in pleasure, the blond licked the expanse of his elegant neck, making the brunette shiver lightly. Uruha ran his hand along Aoi's back again before moving his hand to his bottom, squeezing lightly, making him jump. At the jerk of his hips, Aki moved his hands to hold his hips still. The blond stifled a chuckle at his lover.

Uruha removed his hand from Aoi's butt and squeezed some of the lubricant he held in his hand on two of his fingers, smearing it around. Lowering his hand down, he felt along Aoi's crack for his opening, making the brunette jump again at which Aki growled, the sensation his mouth gave making Aoi moan.

When the other man's entrance was found, he inserted his index finger slowly. Aoi let out a breathy moan, feeling over-stimulated by Aki's pretty mouth and Uruha's icy fingers inside of him. Aki moved his hand to fondle his sac and he moved his mouth up and down his shaft. The blond moved his finger inside of the other man slowly, teasing him. The double-sensation was making Aoi want to come undone already, but it was much too soon.

"Nngh...Aki..." he whispered, a warning tone in his voice. The said man quickly released Aoi's length from his mouth and glanced behind him to Uruha. As usual. Aoi didn't know what, or if, Uruha said anything. The blond slowly inserted another finger, making Aoi bite his lip. The bassist returned to the bed moments later and whispered to his lover, nodding when he'd received an answer. He moved back so he was at Aoi's front and slipped a cock ring onto the other man's erection.

At the feeling of being constricted made Aoi open his eyes and look down. He made a face at Aki who only leant up and whispered, it'll last longer this way. Of course, Aoi couldn't disagree with that, it was true, but he still didn't want to have a block on his release.

Soon Uruha grazed the other man's sweet spot, making him moan whorishly at the feeling that flooded him. The man behind him smirked and continued to thrust his fingers into that same spot. Quickly Aoi moved back onto Uruha's fingers, wanting to feel more.

Too quickly, in Aoi's opinion, the fingers were removed. Uruha retrieved another item that lay on the bed. Aoi glanced behind him, a condom. The sight sent a small jolt of hope through him, but the cock ring made everything a bit harder to enjoy.

The blond ripped open the condom package and slid it onto his length. The two brunettes watched as he did so, transfixed by his beauty and sexual energy. Uruha squirted some of the lubricant on his length and rubbed it in, moaning as he finally had contact with himself. The sound emitted from Uruha's lips made both men want him even more.

Opening his eyes, he smiled as he saw that they were both watching him. He moved so he was positioned behind Aoi, adjusting so that he was at Aoi's entrance, but leaned forward to whisper in his ear before doing anything more. "How badly do you want me right now?" he asked, knowing it was a mean thing to do, but he got a great thrill out of teasing his lovers.

Aoi let out a small whining sound, but didn't complain. "I want you so badly, I just want you to fuck me...please," he said. Uruha smiled at the answer. Hey, he even got him to beg. Accepting the answer, he slowly slid his length into Aoi's entrance. Tears filled his eyes and Aki kissed him softly, trying to distract him from the pain. When he was inside of him completely, the blond held still, waiting for the other guitarist to adjust to the feeling.

When he had gotten used to the sensation of being filled he moved back onto Uruha's length, signaling he was ready. The blond took the hint and began moving with slow, shallow thrusts. Aki continued to kiss Aoi, their kiss was messy and rough.

Soon Uruha felt that Aoi could handle more, so he pulled out further and pushed back inside of him. Aoi moaned, but it was swallowed by Aki's own mouth. As Uruha continued to thrust into the brunette's body, his erection got continuously more painful, the cock ring making things unbearably uncomfortable. Aki broke the kiss and leaned over to say something to Uruha, but Aoi was in too much ecstasy to notice what was being said. The bassist left them to grab something, but returned in mere moments.

He had a condom, too, and unwrapped it, pulling the latex sheath out. Aoi was too far gone to notice, his eyes shut. Uruha watched as his lover slipped it on over his erection, though and moaned loudly as he both watched the wonderful display before him and Aoi clenched his muscles around his length. Aki took the lubricant from the spot where it laid beside Uruha and squirted a generous amount onto his length, not wanting to hurt the beautiful guitarist. Uruha stopped his thrusts, and Aoi's eyes opened, observing what was occuring. At the sight of Aki, he felt unsure. Which one of them did he plan on taking? He had a feeling he knew, but didn't say anything. If it would them to remove this cock ring and have his release, he'd be willing to do whatever they wanted.

The bassist moved so that he was in front of the brunette guitarist. Aki lifted his legs up so he could position himself at his entrance. Aoi’s legs felt like they were on fire from being in the same position for so long. In this new position, his weight rested almost entirely upon Uruha, but the blond didn’t mind. The pressure of the other man’s weight was a comfort to him.

Now that he knew what was to come, Aoi felt both nervous at the pain he knew would come, and also aroused by it. Aki gazed at him with sweet eyes, judging how he was taking this, and found that he only saw trust and lust, which pleased him. Pressing his erection against Aoi's entrance, he could feel his closeness to his lover and that alone made him let out a moaning sound.

Aoi braced himself against Uruha, clutching at the other man's arms the best he could in his restricted state. As he felt Aki enter his already full body, slowly, very slowly though, which he was grateful for, he bit his lip harshly against the pain.

Uruha let out a throaty sound of pleasure as Aki's erection rubbed up against his own and Aoi was stretched. Aki latched his mouth onto the guitarist's neck and bit softly. Aoi let out a shaky groan. Too many sensations were occuring in him. He was in pain from the cock ring, as well as the feeling of having two men inside of him, and also extreme pleasure from the feeling on his neck as well as his prostate being grazed in this position.

When Aki had entered the guitarist fully, he stopped, his breathing was heavy, his heart was pounding. He continued to kiss and nip at Aoi's neck, not wanting him to feel pain. Uruha rubbed his hands up and down Aoi's sides to help him relax.

After a bit, Aoi nodded, signaling that it was okay for them to move. Aki looked to Uruha, who signaled for him to move, so he did. Gently, he pulled back his hips just enough before pushing back in, drawing a moan from all three men. After a few moments of these small movements, Uruha got impatient. It felt good, but he wanted more. He was a very greedy lover, he couldn't help it, he just was. Some liked that, others not so much. So he started moving against Aki's own rythm. Aoi moaned loudly when Uruha moved, the angle he was thrusting at made it impossible for his sweet spot not to be struck each thrust.

The position was better than Aoi had expected, he'd been awaiting nothing but pure agony, but it was just the beginning that hurt like hell. Soon he'd gotten used to it, and was even craving more of that delicious feeling that flowed through him. Both men were moving inside of him, and he wanted to have his release so badly, he knew he was so close to it. Leaning toward Aki's ear, he begged him to remove the painful piece in whispers. The bassist agreed and reached between them, undoing the ring and removing it from Aoi's painful erection. the brunette guitarist moaned at the contact with it and couldn't help but thrust toward the hand.

Aki knew that they were all close to their release from the sounds the other men were making and the burning sensation he felt in his stomach. He continued to stroke Aoi's length, having a distinct feeling that he would be the first anyway.

Moments later, he was proven right. Aoi let out a strangled moaning sound and his release spurted onto his stomach and Aki's hand. The other two continued to move inside of his over-sensitive body, though, searching for their own release. Aki was the second to have his orgasm. He bit into Aoi's abused flesh and his seed spilled into the condom. Aoi felt exhausted, his body feeling overused and tired. Both Aki and Uruha pulled out of him, though and he was grateful. Uruha undid the handcuffs that binded him and he stretched his wrists experimentally. There were distinct red marks around his wrists and he rubbed them gently. He moved so that he was laying on the bed, grateful not to be on his knees anymore.

Aki looked at Uruha questioningly, he hadn't had his release yet. Though he, too, was tired, he moved over to the blond and removed the condom, leaning down and taking his lover into his mouth. Uruha moaned loudly at the action, and Aoi gazed at them from his position on the bed. So wonderful together, he thought once again. Aki took as much of Uruha as he was able to and swallowed, creating a very pleasant sensation for the blond who let out an erotic sound, coming into his lover's mouth.

Aoi looked at Uruha then, with a smile on his face and a glint in his sweet, candy eyes.
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みよhontounouso on May 29th, 2009 03:44 am (UTC)
dfsjdaghkegusd wut *can't talk*

Ok, that was freaking awesome! Sorry for the crappy comment, but your fic made mah brain shut down! xD It was so hot!! *nosebleeds all over the place*

Pr0n Queeni_love_hide on May 29th, 2009 02:55 pm (UTC)
Oh, wow, thank you sooo much! I appreciate you saying that, *beam*